Choose the area of your home you wish to organize and shop from our most popular  solutions. One good thing
about closet solution is that you can add a shelf, closet rod or other component to an existing  space or design
your own solution here.  
Closet Rods
Titanium Aerated Shelves
Titanium Bracket Cover
Titanium Utility Hooks
Gliding Tie & Belt Rack
Cherry décor Bracket Hook
Closet Rod End Caps
16-1/2'' x 4-3/4''  x 7-1/4'' h
2'   N1,444.00
3'   N2,120.00
4'   N2,760.00
16'' X 2'  N4,040.00
16'' X 3'  N5,640.00
16'' X 4'  N7,240.00
Closet Rod Cover  N400.00
Utility Hooks N650.00
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